The Day (Music Video)

Moby (techno artist) Contest Entry using the song "day" off his new cd Destroyed. Having to create a visual portrait of what you may have though the song was saying visually through a video from one of three songs. With that in mind i created a story that was based on a girl losing her first love to a train accident.Clinging to little if any hope at all she has to go on with her life knowing that it will never be the same. So she tries to go on with her life and tries to forget the past of losing her love to the accident as she has flash backs on her memories with him. This was a three day shoot i edited this whole video with final cut pro and shot the video with a cannon 60d camera also i directed the talent as well.

the day

This video was for a contest entry for Moby (recording artist) where i had to create a video based on the song itself, so i came up with the idea of a girl losing her first love to a train accident and now she has to find a way to movie on with her life.
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