southwest airlines (print)

re-branding ad for south west airlines i created new tag line open your eyes experience the view. I wanted to create a new way to view your traveling experience. With challenging the traveler not to just go on a trip to a different place but to open your eyes and come back with a new perspective or view after visiting that place. And the only airlines that could make that experience happen for you would be south west airlines. I created and i design all the assets in photo shop and edited it in photo shop as well. Cropping the images into this various bill boards cut out backgrounds to show how the ad would look in the real world areas.

South West re-branding
Travel New Experience New
this is a southwest re-branding idea that comes from the idea of more people need to fly. so i decided to create a re-branding tag line to come up with to bring more people to the airport to fly. So the line was" Travel New Experience New" open your eyes and see the view. with this type of encouragement  to your audience brings them a hopeful attitude to do what the line just said. Because everyone loves some time away from the stress an running around.
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