Plur Effects (Music Video)

PARENTAL DISCRETION BE ADVISED (strong language) The Guy is a Oakland CA, based artist bringing his real world experiences to his first video with Plur Effect. As a upcoming artist in a very competitive bay area hip hop scene the Guy brings a new style with his dynamic word play and creative lyrics. With this project in-mind it was a freelance type of creative process just creating a world where the guy brings his lyrics to life and takes you on a creative story by his actions relating to his words throughout the video. This was a two day video shoot and was shot with 60d cannon camera with out any light kit i edited this whole video with final cut pro i also directed the talent as well.

The Guy Plur Effect

Music video by new upcoming artist the guy who bay area style stands out as he has a variety of ways in using his lyrics to reach all audiences not just hip hop affiliated audiences.
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