National park service (Informative Video)

National Park Service is a big part of keeping our national parks across the country, well taken care of by the services of people who care for the planet we all live on. With the opportunity to work with the park services I wanted to help in their effort to bringing forth ways to bring others to help out this great cause. With keeping our planet healthy and active. They decided to create a documentary type video to show the benefits of volunteering with the park services and the benefits you get out of it as someone who chooses to volunteer as well. In this project i worked with three other people i edited the whole video i helped with the logo design and the lower thirds as well. This was edited with final cut pro and the logo was created in cinema 4d also did the sound design as well.

National park service

a video about why volunteering for the national park service will help not only national parks of America but serve you in becoming more aware of the environment you live in.
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