Honey Baked Ham (Music Video)

PARENTAL DISCRETION BE ADVISED (strong language) Sacramento artist Cash Campain and Colaborate bring a new hit with the honey baked ham single. Cash Campain has seen success with being on 106 kmel and has a variety of fans on platforms like you tube is now showing his RnB and up beat rap style with teaming up with Colaberate. With creating this video i wanted to bring a abstract look and feel to this project making it feel as if you were watching this inside of a old view finder. But the whole time you where always moving or switching the view you saw the artist in. To create a cool and upbeat way of looking at the artist and seeing the video in a colorful and shaking way of movement. I directed this video shot this with the cannon 60 camera and used a light kit as well. This was also edited by me with final cut pro and effects where used with adobe after effects as well.

Honey Baked H.A.M

Sacramento duo Cash Campain and Colaberate come together to make another hit single with the new song "Honey Baked Ham". While being played on radio stations like KMEL , Cash Campain is a up and coming artist makingĀ  his mark on West Coast rap.
This was a video I produced, edited and directed. While using a light kit as well as directing the talent. Also i color corrected the video and added effects.

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